The “Gamewatch” sightings project was developed for you to have a better experience while visiting the game parks in South Africa and other parks worldwide.
Most visitors to the Kruger National Park and other game parks do not always have time to wait for hours at a waterhole or lookout to see the animals they want to see.


Visitors normally have a day or two and would like to make the best of it, trying to see as much species or at least, see their favourite animals. Gamewatch was developed to make that experience possible in the limited time you have available.



You can now become part of this excellent programme by registering on this website and participating, by uploading your sightings to our website and by receiving notifications of new sightings in the game park, via your android phone, Blackberry, Nokia, I-Phone, other smartphones or mobile devices. Should you prefer to receive only sightings of certain categories like the Big 5, our database will send you all listings of the selected category immediately when it gets listed, to your email address, accessible through your mobile device or laptop.

Members are encouraged to upload sightings of all animals to our website immediately when they are spotted. Information can be uploaded via smartphones, other internet mobile devices, laptops and desktop pc’s.

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